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How do I post videos at MasalaDesi?

  1. Register @ FilesFlash by clicking here
  2. Upload your video files @ FilesFlash using anyone of the uploading method.
  3. Upload your caps/screenshots @ MasalaDesi from here
  4. Post them to MasalaDesi by clicking here
  5. Attach the caps using Manage Attachments and Copy the video link from Your Files
  6. Once you are done with editing, Click the Submit New Thread button to make your uploaded videos public.


** If either of caps or video file are missing the threads will lands in Incomplete Threads

How do i download videos from FilesFlash via MasalaDesi ?

Just click on the link provided in the thread and follow the steps either with Free / Premium account of your choice.

How do I make pics, screenshots of video?

How do i transfer my existing files on MasalaDesi to FilesFlash ?

To transfer your files,
1. Register at FilesFlash.
2. Go to FilesQuick->userCP->edit options. Scroll down to the bottom and enter your FF username.
3. Relax.

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