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L’alcova--Full Erotic Movie


Year: 1985
Duration: 01:30:06
Directed by: Joe D’Amato
Actors: Lilli Carati, Annie Belle, Al Cliver, Roberto Caruso
Language: English | German

Country: Italy

Also known as: The Alcove, Lust, Zerbal, Sklavin für einen Sommer
Description: Superb erotic film directed by Joe D’Amato. Elio (Al Cliver) comes home from war with a slave (Laura Gemser) that has been given to him by her father, a Zulu King. At home though he finds that his wife, Alexandra (Lilli Carati) is fooling around with their housekeeper (Annie Belle). Zerbal, the slave, jumps into the action by having a relationship with Alexandra. The movie L’alcova was directed by a famous Joe D’Amato who is master in erotic genre

Italian writer, who served in the British Army, returned home after the war in Ethiopia, he brings with him excellent trophy – a captive Abyssinian princess (Laura Gemser). Dark-skinned babe becomes his concubine, but it is not so simple: his wife is not indifferent to the fair sex and the prisoner wants to use it to their advantage. Once saw a translation titled “The Power of black lesbians” (“The Power of Pink Negro”).

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